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I  Encourage my students to give me feedback so that I serve You Better.  Useful Links to Computing and Higher Education Institutions, & Useful references can be accessed via this platform.  Are you Interested in some Research? If the Answer is Yes---then You will find this Web more interesting. Send me Feedback via I Leave you with a Quote

"Knowledge speaks, but wisdom listens".- Jimi Hendrix

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I was born from Busagwa Village,Bunyala East Sublocation, Budalangi Division, Bunyala Sub-County, Busia County. I have come to learn that, " it's one's initiative to model his/her own life"

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1. Omieno K.K, Raburu P. & Raburu G. (2015). Performance-Based Usability Maturity Assessment Framework for VLS in Universities. Journal International Journal of Advanced Research in Computer and Communication Engineering. (E-ISSN 2278-1021/ ISSN 2319 5940) Vol 4. No.12 December 2015 pp:6-14 DOI 10.17148/IJARCCE.2015.41202
2. Omieno Kelvin and Nahason Matoke have published a book on " Fundamentals of Computing: A simplified Approach" by Scholars' Press, Germany. The Book discusses basic concepts of computing and will be found more useful by both the teachers and students. The book is available from:Amazon Online Book Store;  amongst others